Marathon Baking

So it’s the London Marathon this weekend bakers and we think everyone should get baking to support those special few who take part in this big event!

The spirits will need rising and motivation kept alive – so let’s have cakes waiting for these athletes to look forward to!

Stand at the finish line with your cake and cheer like you’ve never cheered before! Come on Runners!! Cake’s waiting!!! 

What else do you need to hear to get motivated we wonder?!

Here are some ideas for marathon themed bakes and desserts!!


 Not quite the London marathon but this cross country cake has been beautifully decorated and oozes detail! The runner is edible too – made of sugar! Fantastic!  From ‘’  


How about these fun little miles sign Cake Pops for the runners so they can really feel proud of the distance they ran?! Such a great idea! From ‘’ 


 We found these funky cupcakes on:  ‘’ What excellent little designs – each unique and the pink makes it suitable for charity runs too like the breast cancer one!


 How well do you know your Marathon logos? Well this cake will help to teach you all about it! Get to know your marathons and get supportive through food! From ‘’    

run5 We love a 3D cake! The grass and road on this bake really is superb! What a determined face on Kelly the runner! Love this cake!! From ‘’ 


Here we have a good old classic shoe cake – always a winner on the table – even when you didn’t run your best race! Have a slice and relax! From ‘’     


We hope no one leaves the London Marathon with injuries – but here is a good cake to cheer up anyone who can’t run because of one – make them feel special too! From ‘’  


 We love how unique the design of this cake is! The cut out shadow runner really isn’t common but the layers of the cake makes it work and creates a superb picture! From ‘’   

We will leave you with a slightly different Marathon cake – it is however even more beautiful than any we have seen before! From ‘’


Enjoy the London Marathon this weekend Bloggers! Let’s make sure there’s plenty of cake to go around!